While mass flooding wasn’t on most Angleton citizen’s minds in at the beginning of 2017, that all changed when Hurricane Harvey hit and dropped so much rain.

While we weren’t hit as hard as places like Beaumont or Houston, the flooding certainly was a wake-up call as to how hard hurricane rains can make life in east Texas. If you’ve started to wonder if Angleton could be in as much trouble during the next hurricane, you’re not wrong to do so. Trends show that flooding will come as hurricanes become more powerful and frequent, which means getting your house higher off the ground is a very viable option. Let’s talk about house elevation.

Does House Elevation Work?

When you want to get away from water, it just makes sense to go to higher ground. When you watch the news during floodings, you might notice that just a few feet in elevation can make the difference between a house’s first level getting flooded and having it be perfectly dry.

That’s what house raising does. Utilities are disconnected, and the entire house is lifted by powerful hydraulic jacks. A new foundation is built underneath, and because of Texas’ high water table, this usually ends up being stilts instead of a basement. Once the house is set on its new foundation, utilities are reconnected and new stairs are installed. In most cases the house doesn’t have to be lifted more than a few feet, meaning the new look still fits into the neighborhood very well.

Isn’t the process time-consuming and expensive? Well, the amount of time it takes to raise a house is considerably less than you’d spend trying to clean everything up and deal with insurance companies and contractors after a flood. And when it comes to expense, you might qualify for a FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance grant; just click that link to find out more.

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