There are more than 50 waterways in and around Ascension Parish, from bayous and ditches all the way up to the mighty Mississippi River. So whether it’s raining everywhere or the levee on the Amite breaks again, that water has to go somewhere. TurnKey Contractor Solutions is here to ensure that the somewhere isn’t your living room.

TurnKey is in the business of house lifting, because when the flood waters come you want to make sure that your house is as high and dry as possible. Whether you live in Donaldsonville, Gonzales, or anywhere in Ascension, TurnKey can get your house on a new foundation that will keep it above overflowing bodies of water.

It might seem like a big deal to raise a house, and to tell the truth it is. But it’s also one of the most important things you can do for you property. Raising your house up on a new foundation not only reduces your flood insurance costs but also give you a comforting feeling every time you hear that there could be flooding. When you invest in house lifting, you’re protecting your home’s structure as well as your material possessions, important paperwork, and, in some cases, your family.

But perhaps the most important aspect of house raising is how it protects your mental health. If you ever have to evacuate during a flood, you won’t be returning to a completely decimated home. Have your house lifted and you’ll be able to avoid months of dealing with the insurance company and the extensive repairs that will follow.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions is here to make your life easier, whether you need home elevation or simply foundation repair. Contact us today to protect your Ascension home or business!