When a hurricane hits, there are many worries that the people of Babylon, and Long Island in general, have to worry about. Will the windows hold? How long will the electricity be out? And, of course, will the floodwaters reach my house?

Windows can be replaced, as can the food in the freezer. But of all of the damage a hurricane can cause, nothing is worse than flooding. It can collapse foundations, warp the wooden structure of a home, and cause mold to grow on the drywall and floors. Not to mention the damage it can cause to items in a home, such as furniture, electronics, and carpet.

You might not be able to prevent a storm from blowing your screen doors off, but you can take steps to prevent the floodwaters from ruining our home. The most obvious is to raise the house above base flood elevation so that the waters never have a chance of causing damage. House raising protects you home, your possessions, and, in the case unexpected flooding, you family as well.

House raising is what we do here at TurnKey Contractor Solutions, and it’s something we do with precision. We’ll disconnect the utilities while powerful hydraulic jacks lift your home into the air. After a new foundation is built, the house is lowered and stairs or ramps are built. It’s a complex project, but when the floods come you’ll be so happy you’ve had it taken care of. You’ll almost certainly save money on your flood insurance as well!

No one wants to see their home get flooded, or, worse yet, leveled due to the effects of flooding. Contact us for a free quote and we can help you determine just how high you should raise your home in order to give it the best protection possible.