After the rainfall that fell over Beaumont thanks to Hurricane Harvey, we won’t blame you if you now have a fear of flash floods. Many homes that no one thought would ever need flood insurance suddenly had their living rooms covered in water, compromising them structurally and leaving people to wonder “what’s next?”

Beaumont, as well as many parts of inland Texas, are now painfully aware that flooding is a very real possibility. That not only means danger to property but also to lives, as 89 people died in the United States — including one in Beaumont itself. In order to protect homes and people within them, getting above the problem is the best way, and that means house elevation.

Is House Elevation a Big Deal?

In the other states in which we perform house lifting, it’s a relatively common practice. For instance, 15% of Long Island is considered a flood zone, so you might see a neighbor raising their house in order to avoid both hurricane surges and floodwater caused by the rain. Beaumont is relatively new to the idea of house raising, with very few people thinking they needed it. Unfortunately, it’s part of the “hurricane club” now, and the fact is, it’s going to get worse as hurricanes become more common and more powerful.

House elevation is a big deal, but it’s priceless considering the peace of mind it gives our customers. In simple terms, it’s the process of lifting up a house and building a new foundation underneath in order to get it above the worst floodwaters. New steps or ramps are built so that they look like they were always a part of the house. Don’t worry, the house will still look like it’s part of the neighborhood!

Is house lifting worth it? Considering there are FEMA grants that might help you pay for it, the answer is easy. TurnKey would be happy to give you a quote on house lifting, so contact us before the next flooding occurs.