1. Elevating Our Reputation in the Home Elevation Business

    In previous blogs we’ve responded to some of the reviews and testimonials that people have left for us and the home elevation services that we’ve performed for them. While we love hearing from people who have had their home lifted by Turn Key, our clients aren’t the only ones we work with to get homes safe from the floods. Let’s take a look at one more review and then let you know why we…Read More

  2. Is House Lifting Worth It? Here are 4 Good Reasons To Do It

    Hey, if you only have five seconds to read this blog, the answer is “yes.” House lifting is worth it. But if you want a little more of an explanation, we’re more than happy to expound on that answer a bit more. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about the reasons that people go through the process of house lifting, so we thought we’d take some time to give you four excellent reasons w…Read More

  3. What Are You Keeping Your Home Above?

    Flooding. If you live on Long Island and you haven’t yet invested in house lifting, it’s a word that you probably fear. Maybe your home has been flooded before, or perhaps you’ve seen waters heading down your street and you were just watching them, praying that the they wouldn’t get any higher. But what is flooding? At first it might seem like a simple question, but it’s not just the hur…Read More

  4. 3 Things You’re Going to Have To Get Used To After House Raising

    First, let’s get this out of the way: house raising is worth it. Whenever you can protect your home, your possessions, and, most important, your family from hurricane flood waters, it’s a good thing. But there are a few things you’re going to have to get accustomed to once we’re done with your house lifting, a few changes you’ll have to make to accommodate your newly-raised home. Let’s…Read More

  5. What Are People Saying About Our House Lifting Service?

    For dozens of blogs we’ve been telling you about how house lifting can save your home during a hurricane. And we’ve discussed hurricane preparedness, the process of house raising, dealing with insurance, and the many types of equipment we use. But that’s just us talking. Sure, we’re going to tell you we’re the best house raising company around, and we truly believe it. But why not let th…Read More

  6. How To Choose The Right House Raising Company

    As you might have surmised from our many blogs, house raising is a big deal. As smooth as nearly every project goes, any problems that do show up are compounded due to the sheer size and weight of the object — a full-size home — involved. So while nearly every project goes off without a hitch, you certainly don’t want to take any chances with who you hire. After all, going with a four star s…Read More

  7. Why Invest In House Lifting? Why Not Just Move?

      Just about every part of the country is susceptible to some form of natural disaster. California has its earthquakes and landslides, Oregon has to be prepared for tsunamis, cities along the Mississippi are prone to flooding, and the plains are bombarded by hundreds of tornadoes every year. So even though Long Island is susceptible to hurricanes and flooding, we understand why you stay. People a…Read More

  8. What Equipment Can You Expect to See During House Lifting?

    Once you’ve decided that house lifting is your best option (especially when compared to “just let it get flooded”), you might wonder what you should expect. After all, it’s not like we simply get four strong guys on each corner to lift it up while a new foundation is built underneath. There’s a lot of equipment that’s brought in, some of which is specialty equipment that’s meant excl…Read More

  9. What Does It Take To Have Job In House Lifting?

    As you can probably guess, house lifting takes a lot of people. But when you consider the number of people it takes compared to the heft of the house and how far it moves, it’s actually an incredibly efficient process! You might wonder, what makes a person get into house lifting? Let’s take a look. Interest Of course, the most important part of enjoying a job is having an interest in it. Sure,…Read More

  10. The Art of House Lifting and Moving: The International Association of Structural Movers

      We talk about house lifting a lot here at our Turn Key Contractor Solutions blog. After all, we work on Long Island and raise people’s homes above the inevitable floodwaters that are hitting more and more frequently. So it should come as no surprise that we’re going to sing the praises of house raising. If you’re on Long Island, there’s no doubt that you’ve driven past quite a few…Read More