1. Why You Might Need Foundation Repair with your House Lifting

      While a good deal of our efforts are put toward house lifting, Turn Key Contractor Solutions is an expert when it comes to all types of home foundations. That includes the simplest house foundation repair as well as pouring a new foundation from scratch. We also deal with extensive foundation repairs, such as those that are falling apart and causing structural damage to the house. This can …Read More

  2. Why House Lifting Beats Getting Insurance To Pay For Your Losses

    In our previous blog we touched on some reasons why someone who owns an apartment building might want to get their apartment lifted. One of our arguments was against “just letting insurance pay for it.” While having flood insurance is certainly a good idea when you’re in a hurricane-prone area of the country like Long Island, it certainly shouldn’t be your only defense against the floods t…Read More

  3. Why Lift An Apartment Building or Other Rental?

    We certainly do talk a lot about house raising around here, but that’s not all we handle. We can also raise townhomes, condos, businesses, and, depending on size, entire apartment buildings. If you own an apartment building, maybe you’ve been considering apartment lifting in order to raise it above flood water stage. If you’re on the fence about investing in elevating an apartment building, …Read More

  4. House Lifting Preparations You’ll Have To Deal With

    In our previous blog we discussed some of the aspects of house lifting that you don’t really have to worry about. We can find the right people to extend your plumbing and electricians to lengthen your electrical contacts so that you’re still connected to public works. You won’t have to worry about landscaping much either, because we can work around most all of it. Of course, once you decide …Read More

  5. House Lifting Preparations You Don’t Have To Worry About

    The internet is full of fear, telling you to worry about things that you hadn’t even thought about yet, let alone thought about having to worry about yet! The electric ants are coming! Standing desks help your heart but cause cankles! The banana is doomed! Home raising can be a scary time, and some blogs would tell you “here’s something to be scared about today, even though you didn’t know…Read More

  6. 5 More Things to Do After a Hurricane

    In our previous blog we discussed the first six things you should do, or avoid doing, once the hurricane is over. It doesn’t matter if you’ve investing in house lifting or not, it’s important to stay safe. These bits of advice included watching out for flooded roads and downed power lines, as well as keeping an ear on the radio for updates and only using flashlights instead of candles. That…Read More

  7. 7 Things to Do After a Hurricane

    Congratulations, you’ve survived another hurricane! Because you followed all of the safety guidelines as set out by in a previous blog, you safely evacuated or we cozy inside your lifted house. But now that the hurricane is over, what do you do? Here are some safety tips on what you should do after the bulk of the hurricane is over. Keep Listening To Your Radio One of the most important things y…Read More

  8. Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and Tropical Depressions

    Some houses need to be raised because they are too near a river, such as homes along the Mississippi. While we’re more than happy to raise those homes, the most common reason for house lifting is because a house is either directly on the ocean or one that is on the floodplain near it. At Turn Key Contractor Solutions, we deal with these houses all the time and have helped people recover from man…Read More

  9. Here’s the Simplest Way to Tell If Your Freezer Food Is Safe After a Hurricane

    Let’s say that you decide that, even though you’ve invested in house lifting, you had to leave your home during a hurricane. Perhaps you followed the mandatory evacuation order and had to leave for a few days. While it will be annoying to have to leave, the fact that you’ve had your house raised means that you won’t return to a flooded home. When you’re finally allowed to return, you’l…Read More

  10. Besides House Lifting, What Are Some Other Ways To Reduce Your Insurance Costs?

    We’ve told you many times about the benefits of having your house lifting taken care of before the next hurricane season hits. We’ve written about how it protects the material possessions in your life, as well as the less tangible advantages of having your house raised. We’ve also mentioned quite a few times how home elevation can reduce your flood insurance costs. While there are many facto…Read More