1. 3 Non-Material Things Thing You Can Lose If You Fail To Invest In House Raising

    In our last blog we discussed the worst physical possessions you can lose in a flood. While losing photos and antiques can be horrible, house raising can also prevent flooding that will rob you of your life in other ways. How? It Will Take Your Time When you’re in a house that has been raised above flood levels, you don’t have to do much in the way of clean-up. Yes, your yard might be trashed,…Read More

  2. The 3 Worst Things To Lose If You Don’t Invest In House Raising

    Here at Turn Key Contractor Solutions, we’re in the business of helping people. Sure, we’re a for-profit business. But we also help people navigate the grant process, and then help them with home elevation in order to raise it above the floodplain. In short, we love our job because we get to ensure that people don’t lose everything they own. Sure, some material possessions can be replaced wi…Read More

  3. Advantages of House Raising Beyond Flood Protection

    There’s no doubt that most people who contact us do so because they’re interested in protecting their homes from floodwaters brought about from increasingly harsh and frequent hurricanes. Certainly, protecting your home from flooding is reason enough to employ house raising. But there are additional advantages that you might not consider when Turn Key takes care of your house raising. Increase…Read More

  4. When Lifting A House, Did You Think About…

    When you hear about house lifting, it’s easy to look at the big picture. After all, the largest thing you own is going to be considerably higher off the ground than it was before! But there are many smaller aspects of house lifting (and house moving) that can be overlooked and might have to be addressed before we can get in there and raise your home above flood level. These aren’t necessarily …Read More

  5. Give Your Home The Best Foundation and Repair Possible

    Turn Key Contractor Solutions is best known for house lifting, but that’s not all we do. In addition to home design and complete remodeling, we also specialize in laying foundations and foundation repair. Because our specialty includes house lifting and a new foundation underneath, it only makes sense that we’d know exactly what to do with the foundation of any home. Here’s how Turn Key can …Read More

  6. Does House Lifting Damage the House?

    When you are in a business as complex as house lifting, you hear a lot of questions: “How high can it safely be lifted?”; “What happens to the basement?”; and, of course “How much will it cost me out-of-pocket?” Those are all very common questions, but the first question out of nearly everyone’s mouth is “Does house raising damage the house?” It’s a legitimate question. After a…Read More

  7. Why Is House Lifting Become More and More Popular?

    If you’ve lived on Long Island for a while, you’ve probably noticed more house lifting going on. You’re not imagining it; more and more people are recognizing the benefits of house raising and have invested their money to keep their house, possessions, and family safer. So why are we getting more calls from your neighbors? Hurricanes Are Getting More Frequent Hurricanes are happening more an…Read More

  8. Why Do People Put Their Home Through the House Lifting Process?

      If you’ve stopped by our web site wanting to know more about house lifting, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some of your neighbors get their homes elevated. If you’ve never experienced flooding, you might wonder why they’d do this. We’ll, if you live in a flood zone, it’s not a question of if an un-lifted home will flood, but when. You’re neighbors are simply preparing for the…Read More

  9. Welcome To Turn Key Contractor Solutions!

    Thanks for stopping by the new Turn Key Contractor Solutions site. Turn Key is dedicated to bring the best in home remodeling and renovations to the people of Long Island. For many years we’ve been helping the people of New York get the homes they want and recover from the damages of recent storms. We’re also experts at helping people avoid the damage from those storms with the best in house e…Read More