If there’s one area that TurnKey Contractor Solutions knows best, it’s Bohemia. After all, our offices are right here, over on Orville Drive. The people of our hamlet are our neighbors, and every time there’s a hurricane it hurts us to see the flooded homes, knowing that the situation could have been prevented with house lifting.

We’ve raised many houses on Long Island, and we’d love to give you a free quote for what it would take to raise your home. In the long term it pays for itself, especially if it lowers your flood insurance and you can find the right government grant to offset the cost. Click that link above and let’s talk!

If the only damage that hurricanes did was to rip off some siding and cut the electricity for a week, they’d be bad enough. But the worst damage to many homes comes in the form of flooding, whether because of storm surges or overflowing rivers and canals. The water gets into a house and destroys the interior like no other part of a hurricane can. House elevation can lift a house as little as a couple feet or lift it 12-feet into the air, depending on what part of town you live in and how far above base flood elevation (BFE) you need it.

As complex as it is, house raising is a surprisingly gentle process. Hydraulic lifts slowly raise it up, and a new foundation of cinder blocks, concrete, or timber is built underneath. The basement might flood, but the rest of the house is protected from floodwaters. People who invest in house lifting come back to a home with considerably less damage.

If you love your house, you want to keep it safe. With hurricanes becoming more powerful, the best way to protect it is with house lifting. Contact TurnKey to see what we can do for you!