Now that the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey have receded, it’s time to rebuild. That means restoring houses that have been hit by heavy winds and submerged underwater. The flooding in Corpus Christi was extreme, which is why it’s important to find not just a general contractor, but one who has specialized in rebuilding houses that have been water damaged.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions has helped many people recover from the most destructive hurricanes in recent memory, and we’re ready to help you with your storm restoration.

Rebuild Your Home

TurnKey specializes in post-hurricane restoration, so if your home was flooded we can perform a complete house rebuilding from the frame up if necessary. Because we also provide architectural design, we can change the home in the process to make it even more appealing to your lifestyle. In short, we can make your home even better than before.

Unfortunately, hurricanes aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Flooding on the same level as Hurricane Harvey is going to happen more and more often as hurricanes get stronger. A house that was recently flooded will most likely flood again, simply based on the lay of the land. In order to prevent future flooding, getting a house lifted is the best option. Hydraulic jacks lift a house into the air, three, six, nine feet or more in order to get it above BFE, or base flood elevation. A new foundation is built underneath from concrete, cinder blocks, or timber. New stairs or ramps are added so that the house still blends into the neighborhood and looks great. You might even be eligible for government grants, so click here to investigate further.

If you’re ready to get the best in storm restoration services, we’re here for you. Contact TurnKey Contractor Solutions to get a free quote!