Why are you considering house elevation in Cypress? Is it because you’re concerned for your family’s safety during a flash flood or if you miss an evacuation order during a hurricane? Is it because you just can’t bear to lose the possessions you’ve gathered over the years, or that you don’t want your legal paperwork to get lost and cause you hundreds of hours of problems in the future? Perhaps it’s because you’ve grown attached to the house itself and just couldn’t bear returning home to find it a complete loss.

No matter your reasons, house lifting is certainly something you should investigate. You might feel safe with flood insurance, but that still means that your home, and everything you own, could get washed away. Instead, why not contact a professional house raising company like TurnKey and find out if you’re eligible for government grants that can keep your house above the floodwaters.

Go With Experience

TurnKey Contractor Solution’s focus is on preventing flooding from happening in the first place, lifting a house on a new foundation that gets the ground level above BFE (base flood elevation) and in most cases considering reducing a homeowner’s flood insurance. We’ve helped some of the most hurricane-prone areas in the country prepare for the next big one, including Long Island and Louisiana. With hurricanes coming more often and getting more destructive, house elevation is one of the best ways to ensure your home survives the next one.

Insurance might be important, but assurance that your home is more protected will give you peace of mind like nothing else. Click here to learn more about Flood Mitigation Assistance grants.