There are over 15 square miles of water in East Baton Rouge, and when they start to flood you’re going to wish that you’d invested in house lifting. Of course, it’s the Mississippi that you really have to look out for; if there’s any chance of your house being overtaken by its mighty floodwaters, you’ll want to give TurnKey Contractor Solutions a call as soon as possible.

We’ve all seen the devastation caused by floods, and too many of us have suffered it first hand. Many people return to their home, filled with mud and covered in mold, and vow to move out of the flood zone. Of course, it’s not always easy to leave your home, especially after it’s been renovated. But do you really want to go through that process again? Can you really stand to see you home and your possessions destroyed after returning from a flood evacuation?

TurnKey is here to give you peace of mind when flood waters threaten. We’re in the business of house lifting, and we have the knowledge, equipment, and crew that can make the entire process as easy as possible. We use hydraulic jacks to raise a house, support it with cribbing, and build a new foundation underneath, ensuring that your house is above Base Flood Elevation. Not only does this protect your home, but it also significantly reduces the amount you’ll be paying in flood insurance.

You’re probably wondering how much house raising costs, and we’d love to give you a free quote. TurnKey can also work with you to seek out government grants to help you defer the costs associated with elevating your home and keeping it out of danger.

No matter what kind of house you have, TurnKey can take care of your home elevation. We’ve worked with the citizens of Baton Rouge, Baker, Zachary, Central City, and all of the surrounding areas to protect their homes when the floodwaters come. Don’t wait until the rain gets out of control to raise you home. Contact us today!