There’s no doubt that living on Long Island means that you’re going to see a lot of water. Whether it’s falling from the sky or surging in from the ocean, flooding is going to occur, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. But there is one major change you can make to your home to help you keep your head above water: house lifting.

House lifting is an excellent option for anyone living in Freeport or on the south side of Long Island.

In many ways, house lifting is exactly what it sounds like: the main structure of a house is raised very gently with hydraulic jacks. A new foundation is built underneath, which might be concrete, cinder blocks, or wooden supports, depending on what you want done with the space left underneath. (Here are some examples, including some homes we’ve raised on Long Island.) Electrical and plumbing is also extended to reach the new height of the house, which could be 12-foot or higher depending on what part of Freeport you live in.

Is it a big job? Absolutely. But we’ve done it for so many houses that we have it down to a science. Once the house is raised, flood insurance tends to drop significantly. Even better, you have the peace of mind knowing that, should you be forced to evacuate, that your home will be much safer than if you hadn’t raised it. You’ll be protecting your possessions and your biggest investment.

TurnKey is ready to talk with your about the benefits of elevating your home. In fact, you can contact us and get a free quote. We can also help you hunt down government grants that could significantly reduce the cost of house lighting. Give us a call today!