When most people think of hurricanes, the first things that come to mind are strong winds on the beach, tearing apart houses that are inundated with surge water. But far more destruction is caused by the incredible amounts of rain that a hurricane drops on inland cities and towns. Friendswood certainly experienced this with Hurricane Harvey as rivers, streams, and canals overflowed and storm sewers had nowhere to put the millions of gallons of water.

You could call these “unprecedented” levels of water that fell from the sky, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen again next year. Even as the affected parts of Texas recover, rebuilding in the same way won’t protect buildings from the next huge storm. The only way to protect a home from the worst flooding is to invest in house elevation.

Get Above It All

Nothing is going to protect a house during a flood like house lifting will. Raising a house involves gently lifting it up on iron beams and building a new foundation underneath. While the basement might still flood (if basements are an option in your area), the bulk of the house — i.e. the parts that are most susceptible to water — is safely above floodwaters. New steps or ramps are added, and the additions are expertly incorporated into the design of your home.

Flood insurance might pay to repair your home, but it’s not going to replace the irreplaceable items within it. Coming back to a flooded home can be heartbreaking, and the best way to avoid those problems completely is to investigate house raising. Government FMA grants have even been established for Houston-area residents to help with the cost of house raising, covering up to 100% of the costs.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions has the expertise and equipment to raise your home above the floodwaters that will accompany the next hurricane. Want to know more? Contact us today!