When we write responses to the comments and suggestions that we get from customers, we usually take a few short comments that each have a specific thing to say and respond to them. But sometimes a customer gives us something to work with that’s a true gold mine, one that addresses many of the aspects of the job that we deal with every day.

We’ve received just such a review from David P., and we’ve broken it up (and shortened it a bit) so that we can address the many parts of the process that he brings up. Remember, all of these are from one customer review who has a lot to say; let’s get started.

“My wife and I had met with several potential general contractor house lifters, many came but never followed up…but when Cody Lawrence came over with his partner Jorge Urbina to review our job we felt a honest good feeling they gave us a fair deal with assurances that the job would start promptly and completed within a reasonable time …we were told that everything would be covered that N.Y.Rising.”

You did the right thing by taking your time and vetting the contractors who offered to raise your home, David. We know that we’re not the only house lifters in the areas in which we work — Texas, Louisiana, and Long Island — and realize that we have to be at our best every step of the way. Your house is most likely your most cherished possession, so it’s best to find someone that you’re comfortable working with. After all, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time working with them so we’re glad you had a “good feeling” about our house elevation company.

Many general contractors can say that they can lift a house, but it’s probably best if you go with someone who specializes in protecting houses from floodwaters. The more you do something, the better you get at it. Because we’ve lifted so many houses across three hurricane-prone states, we’ve seen the problems that can occur with house lifting and have the knowledge to fix problems before they arise. We’re guessing that the general contractors you talked to never followed up because they had the equipment to move a single house. When they got another job, all of that equipment was suddenly in use. But when you go with a company whose primary business is raising houses, they can handle multiple jobs at once.

Finally, let’s talk about N.Y. Rising. Grants for house lifting come and go, both at the state and federal level. It can be difficult to find out which ones you might be eligible for, and this is just another aspect of house elevation that TurnKey Contractor Solutions can provide. We can help you investigate FEMA and HUD grants to find out if up to 100% of house raising is covered.

Okay, back to the review.

“…Look, not that we didn’t have some bumps but i brought these to their attention and there was never a problem to resolve them right then and there. Never did they bicker with me or try to tell me an excuse why it shouldn’t be changed and some were personal preferences didn’t matter it was addressed to my liking. And i must say Cody and Jorge also changed things to make the job right, things i didn’t notice but they told me they want to do things right that was assuring and i slept good feeling our home was in great hands.”

Once again, there’s a lot to talk about here. Lifting a house is a big job. In fact, we can’t think of many that are bigger. With so many steps to take to ensure that the house gets lifted from the ground in the safest manner possible, there are going to be little problems that pop up. Hidden cracks can be found in the foundation which could make it unusable. Sinkholes could be found that necessitate filling and compacting before the job can move forward. Weather can get in the way of just about any construction project.

But as you noticed, David, we’re not going to take shortcuts when dealing with your house. We’d rather tell you about the problem and cause a minor delay than to ignore the problem and have it bite you in the butt five years down the road. When problems crop up, we handle them in the most professional manner possible so that they’re taken care of permanently.

Of course, that brings us back to the relationship you want to have with your house raising company. If you notice something that doesn’t seem right, you want to feel comfortable enough around your contractors so that you can bring up any problems. If something is wrong, we’ll fix it. If it’s a change you want to make and it’s within your budget (and conforms to code), it’s very likely we can take it in stride. And if something looks wrong but isn’t — a house on cribbing certain doesn’t look normal! — we’re more than happy to explain what’s happening with your home and why everything is perfectly fine.

“We can’t say enough about them I have given them the highest recommendation I can, our house looks better than ever, we are so satisfied with the project, we get such positive remarks on how our house looks and the neighbors tells us that the crew never argued, were clean and busy all the time.”

Thanks for recommending us. Word of mouth is certainly one of the best ways that other people find out about our house lifting company. But the finished job is certainly right up there, isn’t it? When people see your house and notice that it’s going to be safer during a flood (while looking good to boot), it reflects well on us.

You also mentioned that your neighbors noticed that we were working hard, both on lifting your home and keeping things clean. We know very well that people notice the way that contractors act. When they see just how hard our employees are working, they’re more likely to trust us to lift their homes when the time comes. Not only that, but we know that we’re representing the homeowner in our actions; after all, they were the ones who chose us. We never want to upset the neighbors of our customer, because then the customer will hear about it!

“I want to add we upgraded things that were enhancements we were giving fair prices for this work and the jobs came out better than i expected no corners cut.I was in construction and hoped for an good job, but we got one better than if i did it myself and I’m picky.”

House lifting certainly does offer an excellent time to take care of some of those upgrades you’ve been thinking about. It won’t just be about needing improvements to the foundation or new stairs. We have the people on hand who can take care of any upgrades you’d like to make; we’re full-service contractors and architects as well. We’re so glad that we were able to make improvements that impressed you, David.

“They also were wowed with the time frame our job took… I guess you can tell they are everything they said they were and more, what a pleasure to work with. Give them a chance you will be happy I’m sure.”

We didn’t really need to leave that last part of the review in here, but they were such nice accolades that we couldn’t not put them in!

Thanks again for writing in, David P. We truly appreciate the fact that you took your time to write in and detail the experience you had with our house elevation service. We hope that your words have convinced someone to give us a call.