For most people around the country, “Houston is flooding” came as quite a surprise. That’s because most people imagine hurricanes hitting the East Coast, with Houston being relatively protected in the gulf. Unfortunately, this was not the case as Houston was subjected to more than 30 inches of rain that had nowhere to go during Hurricane Harvey. The storm sewers simply couldn’t handle that amount of rain, and no level of preparation was going to stop the streets from flooding.

A certain amount of preparation could prevent individual homes from flooding, though. We’re talking, of course, about the process of house elevation. This physical lifting of a house is exactly what it sounds like. The house is raised into the air on huge iron beams, and a new foundation is built underneath from wood, concrete, or cinder blocks. While this area might be flooded, the main floor remains untouched as the floodwaters rise. When you come back after an evacuation, you might have lost your old college textbooks and a few Christmas decorations, but the structure of your house and everything else inside it are safe from floodwaters.

Your Future Self Will Thank You

House raising might be a big deal, but the time it takes is nothing compared to what a flooded house will cost you. Returning home to a ruined home and your possessions floating in the yard can be heartbreaking. It could take months to get payment from insurance companies, which mean disrupting your entire life while you stay with friends, relatives, or in a hotel. All of this could be prevented with expert house elevation services from TurnKey Contractor Solutions.

Isn’t house raising expensive? It can be, but there are FEMA Flood Mitigations Assistance grants that could pay up to 100% of the cost. Even if it ends up costing you some money, it will almost certainly reduce your flood insurance and pay for itself over time.

Once you make the decision that house raising is right for you, contact TurnKey. We’ve raised houses in the most flood-prone areas of the country, and we’re ready to help you!