Unless you were there, it’s hard to imagine the amount of flooding that occurred in Humble, TX during Hurricane Harvey. And, since the Houston area isn’t nearly as accustomed to hurricane flooding as many other areas of the country, most residents of Humble simply weren’t prepared for the flooding that occurred.

It’s something we’re going to have to get used to. Hurricanes are getting stronger, more frequent, and stick around longer than ever before. Whether it’s in five, ten, or fifteen years, it can pretty much be guaranteed that Humble will flood again, and it might be worse. You can’t stop the flooding, but you can get above it. What’s the best way to protect yourself and your family from this happening again? Invest in house elevation from TurnKey Contractor Solutions.

Get On Top of the Problem

House lifting is easy enough to understand, even if the process is complex and require experts wielding equipment you’ve never seen before. Hydraulic jacks gently lift the house into the air, so gently that the most you might have to do is remove picture frames from the wall. Temporary cribbing is built underneath in order to support the house, and a new foundation is built underneath (if you didn’t have a basement before, this new foundation will usually be made of wood). The house is set down on this new foundation, secured, and anything new that’s added — ramps, stairs, or under-house storage space — is designed to match the style of your house.

With federal grants available that might cover your house lifting 75% to 100%, house elevation is certainly worth investigating. TurnKey will be ready to help you protect your house from the next round of flooding so that it’s protected from the ravages of water. Get a free quote for house lifting before the next Gulf hurricane is identified!