While houses are just material objects, it’s no wonder we get attached to them. We live our lives, raise our children, and create memories in them all the time. So after a while, a house stops being a house and becomes a home. And that’s why most of us would be devastated if it were to fall victim to a natural disaster.

The most common way that homes are lost on Long Island is to hurricanes. While high winds might pick a few parts from a house and send them down the block, it’s the flooding that accompanies a hurricane that can destroy a home. Many houses in Island Park are built with the idea that floodwaters could never get as high as they do, but with hurricanes getting more powerful another solution is needed.

That solution, by the way, is house raising. You might not be able to stop a hurricane, but you can raise your home above a hurricane’s most destructive aspect. TurnKey Contractor Solutions has raised houses across Long Island, and we’re proud to show off some example of our work here. Here’s the one minute pitch: we disconnect the utilities and lift a house up 4, 8, or 12 feet (or higher) on huge hydraulic lifts. Then we secure it with wooden cribbing and get to work building a new foundation of concrete, cinder blocks, or timber. Once everything is secure, we lower the house back down, build new stairs, and reconnect the utilities. It’s a big job, but we certainly have it down to a science.

When you invest in house raising, you’ll be protecting your home, lowering your flood insurance rates, and putting your mind at ease every time the next hurricane blows in. We’d love to give you a free quote, so contact TurnKey today!