Lafayette might not be on the Mississippi, but that doesn’t mean that it’s immune to flooding. When the streets run with water because of heavy rains, you might not be able to imagine that those waters could ever reach the base of your house. But when that “perfect storm” hits and you’ve been told to evacuate, you’ll wish that you’d looked into raising your house to ensure that it’s above floodwaters.

There’s no doubt that lifting a house from its foundation, raising it into the air, and building a new foundation underneath is a big deal. But house lifting is something that TurnKey Contractor Solutions does every day, and we have the craftsmanship to protect your home and make it look better than ever. We’ve helped your neighbors in Broussard, Carencro, Lafayette, Scott, Youngsville, and throughout Lafayette Parish ensure that their homes are ready when the floodwaters come.

There are dozens of reasons why people invest in house raising, because when a flood invades a home it destroys possessions, creates a mess with the insurance company, and disrupts lives immediately. But the main reason that people invest in home elevation is because they simply don’t want to see their home, that place where they’ve made so many memories, destroyed. Losing a home can be as hard as losing a relative, and house lifting is the preventive medicine that can help it live a long, healthy life!

We know that you’re curious about the cost of house lifting. It varies depending on the type of house you have, how large it is, how high you want it lifted, and many other factors. We’d love to give you a free quote for house elevation, and we can also help you investigate any federal loans that might be available to you.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions wants to partner with you to help your house survive a flood. Contacting us is a great first step to protecting your largest investment.