If you were in Lindenhurst in 2012, there’s no doubt that you remember the effects that Hurricane Sandy had on the village. Floodwater flowed through more than half of the streets to depths of six feet or more, destroying many houses and buildings in the process. Some residents are still dealing with the problems caused by Sandy. It proved that the most destructive part of a hurricane isn’t always the wind; it’s often the flooding that it brings via storm surges and overflowing waterways.

You can’t stop a hurricane, but you can get yourself above the floodwaters. TurnKey Contractor Solutions has raised many houses on Long Island, and you can take a look at examples of our work right here. When the waters rise, house raising prevents them from reaching the main floor of your home, protecting the house itself from damage and also preventing your possessions from damage. It can also protect your family if the floodwaters come too quickly to evacuate.

House raising is a big deal, but it’s completely worth it considering the way it protects your home. TurnKey will lift up your house with powerful hydraulic lifts, build a new lumber, concrete, or cinder block foundation underneath, extend the utilities, and gently lower it back down. Very little changes about the day to day living in the house, and when you have to leave due to flooding,  you don’t need to worry nearly as much as your neighbors who are below BFE (base flood elevation). Oh, and nearly everyone who invests in house raising experiences a significant drop in their flood insurance!

We want to help you protect your home. Hurricane winds might still come, but hurricane floods can easily be dealt with via home elevation. Contact us today for a free quote, and we’ll get you even more information about house raising on Long Island.