You’re not imagining it: hurricanes are getting more powerful and more frequent. And because of our location, Long Beach is constantly hit hard whenever a hurricane comes around. Hurricane Sandy alone did $250 million dollars of damage to Long Beach, with many homes being destroyed because of the storm surge sending the destructive floodwaters into town.

Winds will always cause some damage to a house during a hurricane, but it’s the flooding that really causes people’s homes to suffer severe damage. Water that gets into a home can weaken foundations, ruin wood and drywall, and cause staining and mold that requires extensive restoration. Why not avoid the problem completely by discussing house lifting with TurnKey Contractor Solutions?

As complex and dramatic as house lifting is, the process is surprisingly gentle on a house. We disconnect the power and plumbing, place long metal beams under the house, and lift it with powerful hydraulic jacks. After we secure it with towers of wooden cribbing, we build a new foundation underneath. Utilities are reconnected, new stairs are built, and the house is ready to be lived in once again! In most cases, you can never even tell that the house wasn’t built at that level. Take a look at what raised houses look like; many of these pictures are from houses we lifted on Long Island.

A raised house is much easier to leave when a hurricane evacuation is issued, because you’re so much more sure that it will be safe when you return. Not only will you not have to have it fixed due to floodwaters, but your insurance rates should drop significantly; after all, if the house isn’t damaged the insurance company won’t have to pay! The government also wants to avoid fixing homes, which is why you might be eligible for a FEMA grant. We can help you seek them out.

When you invest in house elevation, you protect your home, your possessions, and in some cases your family.Contact TurnKey for a free quote today!