If you were in Meyerland during Hurricane Harvey, you saw the destruction that can come in such a short time. If your own home wasn’t flooded, then many of your neighbors’ homes were. With Meyerland being built on a 100-year floodplain, the destruction wasn’t a question of if, but of when it was going to happen.

Unfortunately, it’s going to happen again, and just because Houston rebuilds doesn’t make it safe from the next bout of floodwaters. Hurricanes are getting more destructive and more frequent, and flood insurance isn’t always going to come through. As Meyerland rebuilds from Hurricane Harvey, now is the time to investigate the advantages that house elevation can give you.

Make It Better

To rebuild a home exactly as it was means that it’s just as susceptible to flooding as it ever was. That mean losing possessions, paperwork, and maybe even the entire house if the flooding is too bad. It also means having to stay in a hotel for months while your home is rebuilt, which completely disrupts your life. Wouldn’t you rather just climb the steps to your recently-raised home and get your life back in order as quickly as possible?

FMA government grants have been put in place to help the residents of Meyerland, Houston, and all of Texas affected by hurricanes get back on their feet and to be prepared for the next natural disaster by helping to pay for house lifting (sometimes at 100%). Paying millions to lift homes now could save the government and insurance companies billions in the future. Just click here to see if you can take advantage of this project. Then work with TurnKey Contractor Solutions for the best house lifting around.