Oceanside was certainly named for the benefits associated with living close to the ocean. Most of the time, being oceanside is a pleasant experience. But when a hurricane strikes, living so close to the ocean becomes a severe disadvantage.

Nothing exemplified this better than when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, flooding streets and homes in Oceanside and causing $71 billion in damages overall, including untold millions on Long Island. Because while hurricane winds can damage homes, it’s the water that’s always so much worse. Five years later, many are still recovering from it.

Many of the houses flooded by recent hurricanes could have been saved with house raising. There’s no doubt that raising your house up 2, 4, 8, or 12 feet is a big deal, but we’ve taken care of it again and again, preparing homes across Long Island for the next devastating hurricane. The process is complex but relatively straightforward: we disconnect the utilities, raise the house on huge hydraulic jacks, build a new foundation underneath, reconnect the utilities, and lower it down again. Build some new stairs and it’s ready to be lived in once again!

After your house is raised, you’ll be able to leave much more easily during a mandatory evacuation, knowing that it’s safer than most every other house around. And if you’re ever trapped by flooding, you and your family will be much safer. You should also see a significant reduction in your flood insurance, because a raised house is much less likely to need the extensive repair of one that is prone to flooding.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions is ready to protect your home, and we might even be able to help you find government grants to offset the cost. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote!