Most of Texas was caught off guard when Hurricane Harvey hit, and many people who lost their homes — or nearly lost their homes — are going to be ready the next time by having their houses elevated.

Considering the unbelievable amounts of rain that fell during that hurricane, it simply makes sense to try to get your house as far from the ground as possible. At TurnKey Contractor Solutions, we have the expertise and the equipment to get your home ready for the next flooding, protecting it while others are underwater. It’s time for house lifting.

What Is House Elevation?

House elevation is a complex process that takes a week or more, but every customer we’ve ever had has said that the process is worth it. Huge steel beams are forced under the foundation of the house, and utilities are disconnected. The house is lifted by hydraulic jacks, and a new foundation is built underneath. Once the house is secured to this new foundation, the utilities are extended and reconnected. Any additions that are made, such as more front steps, are designed to make them look like they’ve always been a part of the home.

House raising isn’t just about protecting your home, but also about giving you peace of mind every time another hurricane is on its way or the rain starts to fall. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your family or the loss of your possessions. It also prevents you from having to deal with the insurance company when you return after an evacuation: no flooding means no chance that they’ll reject your claim!

With government grants available that could cover the entire cost of house lifting, it’s certainly something to investigate to see if it’s right for you. TurnKey is ready to take it from there, lifting your home so that you’re ready for the next hurricane.