Ouachita might not be on the Mississippi River, but that doesn’t mean that we’re immune to flooding. And while the best city-run flood prevention devices against the power of rivers might fail, there’s something you can do to directly protect your house from the ravages of floodwaters. House raising is your best bet when you want to protect your home.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions offers the best house lifting services around, treating your home with the same care as we treat our own. We’re here to get your house above any potential flood levels that could ruin your home and destroy everything you have and cost you hundreds of hours of dealing an insurance company.

As the premier house raising company in Ouachita Parish, we’ve been providing the people of Monroe, West Monroe, Richwood, Sterlington and beyond with our dedicated service for years. Sure, it’s a big job, but protecting your house from flooding is worth it. We can lift your house above flood level with powerful hydraulic jacks, bolster it with cribbing to hold it in place, and then build a higher, stronger foundation underneath. With your new foundations, you’ll no longer fear an evacuation order as your house stays above the problematic situation. Your neighbor’s house might be underwater, but you’re will be safe.

“I have flood insurance, so I don’t have to worry about a flood.” While at first that statement might seem to make sense, it ignores the fact a flooded home can completely disrupt a family’s life for months on end, increase future premiums, and cause the loss of irreplaceable possessions. That’s why investing is house raising now is the best way to protect your home. Contact TurnKey Contractor Solutions and we’ll give you a free quote for house raising. We can also help you seek out federal grants that can offset the costs!