Pearland might not have been hit by the flooding as much as some other cities during Hurricane Harvey, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be worse next time. In preparation for the next big Hurricane to hit the Houston area, house elevation is the absolute best way to protect you, your family, and your possessions.

House elevation, also known as house lifting or house raising, is the process of getting a home above floodwaters before the floodwaters get there. This permanent structural change has to be done by experts in their field in order to guarantee the house can withstand the crushing and destructive waters floods can bring. First, a house is raised up on iron beam with the help of hydraulic jacks, and then supported by wooden cribbing. A variety of new foundations can be built underneath, such as wooden supports that still allow for storage underneath. Cinder blocks or concrete foundations are also options if you’re in an area that can accommodate basements. After the new supports are built, the house is set down on it and is now much safer from floodwaters. We will incorporate the new design elements, such as steps and ramps, to make them look like they were parts of the original house.

Protect Your Future

House lifting is a big project, but every customer of ours tells us that it’s priceless to the peace of mind they get. Whether they feel safer from flash floods or are heartened when they return from a mandatory evacuation, there’s nothing quite like knowing that your house is protected from floodwaters. It certainly prevents having to argue with an insurance company and living in a hotel for months after a typical home flooding.

Yes, house lifting is a big deal. But it’s also worth it, especially if you’re eligible for a FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance grant. TurnKey Contractor Solutions can lift your home and make it look beautiful, whether it’s already flooded or you’re simply preparing for the future. Get a free quote from us today!