While many of the Texas cities and towns that we offer our services to have been damaged due to freshwater flooding, Port Aransas experienced the direct force of Hurricane Harvey. Storm surges flooded the island, affecting nearly a thousand homes and businesses. Now that the hurricane has passed, it’s time to start rebuilding. TurnKey is ready to help.

When You Need Complete Restoration

Being subjected to the category 3 and 4 hurricane-force winds means that there wasn’t a building unaffected by Harvey. That means some form of home restoration is going to be necessary for most houses, requiring anything from minor repairs to complete rebuilding from the studs up.

You have to admit that there’s not much elevation when it comes to life on Mustang Island. There aren’t many places you can go to get above the storm, which means that there’s a greater percentage of homes needing restoration now that the waters have subsided. When you work with TurnKey, you’re also getting architects who can improve the foundation of a house, add rooms, or simply rebuild it to match its original state.

Of course, while Mustang Island might not offer much in the way of elevation, we can. A house that’s been lifted can do much better than one that’s at sea level, and our house lifting experts can ensure that it suffers less from flooding during both large and small hurricanes. House lifting is a big job, but we have the right tools and the right people so that your home can be safer from floodwaters when the next hurricane hits. You might also qualify for FEMA grants that could pay for most of all of your house raising.

No matter what you need to get your house back in order, TurnKey Contractor Solutions is ready to help. Contact us for a free quote!