We don’t have to tell you that few cities were hit as hard by Hurricane Harvey as Port Arthur. With more than 20,000 homes under significant amounts of water, tens of thousands of citizens have been displaced until their homes can be rebuilt.

TurnKey has been helping people in hurricane-prone states recover from the ravages of floodwaters and other types of hurricane damage. We’re ready to help Port Arthur rebuild.

Why TurnKey?

TurnKey Contractors Solutions has the tools and the know-how to fix any problem you send our way. We can perform the storm restoration for houses that suffered the worst from the storm, including houses that were completely flooded. It really doesn’t matter how damaged a house is, because TurnKey can provide an option for you. Our house rebuilding experts can restore a house to even better condition than it was before, especially considering our architectural design team can design you a completely new home if that’s your interest.

Of course, rebuilding a home in the same place means that it will be just as susceptible to flooding when another hurricane hits (and trust us, another hurricane will hit soon). That’s where house lifting comes in. We can lift a house high into the air and build a new foundation underneath so that the floodwaters go under, not though. Just raising houses six feet would have saved most homes in Port Arthur from such extensive damage; we want to help rebuilt houses survive the next storm. Residents of Texas might even be eligible to receive a grant from FEMA in order to cover the cost of house elevation. Click here to learn more.

TurnKey would love to give you a free quote for the house restoration or raising that you might require after a hurricane. Simply click here to tell us what you’re needing, then leave the rest to us!