For many cities in east Texas, the house elevation services we offer are preventive for when that next hurricane targets their region. But the massive flooding that Rockport has experienced can’t just be about preventing the next floodwaters from reaching the threshold; first, it’s time to rebuild.

If you’ve suffered either partial or complete damage to your home because of either storm damage or the resulting flooding, first of all, let us say we’re sorry. You might be confused as to what to do next, but don’t worry — help is here.

Go With The Pros

TurnKey has been helping people recover from some of the worst hurricanes to hit the United States in the last decade. Our professional home renovation experts can fix damage from hurricane winds or rebuild a flooded house from the frame up. Not only that, but our architectural design team can make changes to your home during the restoration.

If your house has flooded once, there’s a good chance that your geographical location suggests it will happen again. During your home restoration, why not ensure that it doesn’t reflood by investing in expert house lifting? The process can lift houses many feet off the ground, making it so that the floodwaters pass underneath instead of through. House raising is technically very difficult, but every customer we’ve ever dealt tells us that they made the right decision. Instead of fearing the next hurricane, they know that their house will suffer less than any others in the neighborhood. You might even qualify for FEMA grants that could pay for your entire house lifting project.

TurnKey Contractor Solutions is here to give Texans the absolute best when it comes to storm restoration and rebuilding. If you’re looking for a free quote, simply contact us right here!