If you’re in Schulenburg, you might not have been affected by Hurricane Harvey as much as people in other small towns, but you’ve seen the destruction. And it’s very likely you might have thought “if Harvey had hit a little differently, that could have been my house that got flooded.” That’s pretty prescient thinking, because next time it could be Schulenburg that gets 30 inches of rain and it could be your house underwater.

If you’re from Schulenburg and you’re here investigating house elevations, then congratulations: you’re ahead of the next hurricane. And if it isn’t the next hurricane that makes your feet wet when you step into the kitchen, you know well that there will be one eventually that overloads the rivers and streams, flooding the streets and ruining your house.

How Does House Lifting Work?

House lifting requires experts who can physically lift a house into the air and build a permanent new foundation underneath. If your location doesn’t allow basements, it’ will most likely be a new wooden support under the house that you can use for storage. If you do have a basement, a new foundation can be built of concrete and cinder blocks that might get flooded but will still protect your first floor. If you stay in your house during a flash flood, you and your family will be safer. If a mandatory evacuation is called, you can leave knowing that your house will be the safest one around.

TurnKey has been working in other hurricane-prone states and performing house raising in order to protect American’s homes. We’ve assisted people in getting FEMA grants to help them pay for house lifting, ensuring that their family and possessions are safe during the next hurricane. We’re here to help Texas as well, and look forward to providing the best home elevation available. Contact us today for a free quote!