While Sugar Land was spared from some of the worst flooding horrors that accompanied Hurricane Harvey, that doesn’t mean that the next hurricane couldn’t be much worse. As hurricanes get more frequent and intense, it’s not a question of if Sugar Land will flood worse…it’s when.

With more than 30 inches of rain dumped on the Houston area — up to 10 inches in just 90 minutes in some areas — it’s no surprise that floodwaters rose as rivers, lakes, canals, streams, and ditches all overflowed and flooded the streets. Homes were also flooded for one simple reason: they weren’t above BFE, or base flood elevation. House lifting of just a few feet would have saved most of the houses with flooded interiors; instead, people have lost their homes and are now displaced.

Is House Elevation Worth It?

Every customer we’ve ever had has said “yes.” That’s because they don’t have to live in fear anymore every time a hurricane might be on its way. When it starts to rain, they don’t have to wonder if this is the time that the floodwaters are going to cross their threshold. Their home, possessions, and family are all safer because of house lifting, not to mention valuable legal paperwork and family heirlooms too large to take during an evacuation.

House lifting is easy to understand. Huge steel beams are placed under the house’s foundation, and powerful hydraulic jacks lift it into the air, usually between three and 12 feet. A new foundation is built underneath, and the house is lowered onto it. While the process is complex and takes a week or more, this preventive measure will save you months of hassle with contractors and insurance companies if your house ever does flood.

So yes, house raising is worth it. In fact, there are government grants available that could pay up to 100% of the cost. No matter whether you are paying for it or someone else is, TurnKey is ready to protect your home and your family. Contact us for a free quote today!