After the August 2016 floods that destroyed so many homes and businesses throughout Louisiana, it became clear to many people that flooding can occur in unexpected areas. It also drove home the difference it can make between a house that’s been lifted and one that hasn’t.

House lifting is the most direct way of preparing for a flood, even if you’re not in an area that usually floods. So unless you’re on top of the highest hill around, it might be a good idea to contact TurnKey Contractor Solutions and get a free estimate regarding house raising. It’s a big step in house renovation, but it certainly beats rebuilding your house again and again as the floods hit year after year. We can even help you find a government grant to help offset the costs.

What’s it like to have a house lifted? In simple terms, we lift the house slowly and gently with the help of powerful hydraulic jacks (that’s why it’s sometimes called house jacking). While it’s up in the air we’ll build wooden cribbing underneath to keep the house in place. At that point we’ll build a new foundation under your house so that it’s considerably higher that it was before, well above base flood elevation (a.k.a. a 500-year flood). In some places that might be a four-foot raise, and in others it could be 12 feet or more. The important thing is that your house is now out of the range of most floodwaters.

For years, TurnKey Contractor Solutions has been helping the people of Hammond, Amite City, Ponchatoula, Independence, Kentwood, Roseland, and beyond get their homes out of danger before the danger even presents itself. Even if you have flood insurance, raising a home preemptively can save you months or years of fighting with your insurance agency. Protect your home, possessions, and family by contacting TurnKey!