If you live in Vermilion Parish, you know just how susceptible it can be to hurricanes and flooding. Nearly a quarter of our parish is covered in water, which just makes the situation worse when the area gets heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, flood insurance is incredibly expensive in areas such as ours, meaning that some people go without it and end up losing their homes in the process. And for those who do have flood insurance, fighting with the insurance company can be a mind-numbing experience that goes on for months or even years.

What’s the best way to protect your home from floods before the rains even start? The answer is house raising from TurnKey Contractor Solutions. TurnKey specializes in getting homes up off their old foundation and onto a new one, one that’s considerably higher than the last. While the basement may flood, the new main level will be four, eight, or even twelve feet higher than it was before, saving not only your material possessions but also keeping you and your family safer during an emergency. Getting your home away from the water is the best way to protect it during the next hurricane!

For years, TurnKey has been helping those in Abbeville, Kaplan, Delcambre, Erath, Gueydan, and the surrounding area get their homes above floodwaters long before the floods actually arrive. Not only have we provided them with free quotes, but we’ve also assisted them in finding the right government grant that can seriously offset the cost of house elevation. After all, the more houses that are raised means fewer houses that have to be completely rebuilt using FEMA money after a flood.

We want to get you the absolute best house jacking around, because we know what your home means to you. Don’t wait until hurricane season, don’t wait until the seasonal rains…contact TurnKey Contractor Solutions today!